Since starting at DRCs Turning Point service, the most substantial change for Carson has been the development of his social skills and the development of positive relationships he has made with other people.

Initially Carson did not want to join in and it would be safe to say that he definitely preferred his own company over that of others. We were told that his idea of being sociable with other people was if he sat in the same room where other people were.

Through spending time getting to know Carson and his likes and dislikes we managed to get him to say hello to his coordinator staff when he arrived at DRC. This then was extended to other staff members and then the other clients.

Although there are sometimes moments when he does wish to be alone with his lap top, or locks himself in a room, these are few and far between now. We are so happy with his socialising progress and the positive changes he has made.

He is now actively participating and enjoying lots of different things and mixing in well with others. He’s budgeting his money and is more comfortable approaching shop keepers if he needs assistance and he is paying for his purchases himself. He is learning to accept change – even when it might be a last minute thing.
Some of the other things he’s been doing are:

  • Swimming
  • Learning how to change a car tyre, checking and changing the oil and filling the car up with petrol
  • Cooking meals including a barbecue with the “Mens Group” (and eating alongside his DRC living life connected friends at the same table)
  • Helping the community with his “Mens Group” friends by digging the gardens at Hastings RDA and picking up rubbish at Pakowhai River,
  • Going to 10-pin, mini golf, the library and shops in town
  • Joining the “Friday Social Group” going to places such as Birdwoods Café and Art Gallery, Botanical Gardens, White Pine Bush, and the Ātea a Rangi Star Compass at the Waitangi Hawkes Bay Regional Park