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Disability Resource Centre (H.B.) Trust is a Charitable Trust supporting and equipping people to reach their full potential.

We work to promote opportunities for the independence, mobility, and recreation of people with disabilities as well as providing occupational, social and personal opportunities. We also distribute information and provide assistance to our community and overall foster, encourage and support the work of people with disabilities.

Scopze Day Service offers day respite for people with disabilities. It was initially established in 2012 for clients that had been accessing Disability Resource Centre (HB) Trust services for a number of years but then required a more structured, quieter environment with additional support.

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Turning Point is a service assisting people with disabilities to be valued contributors to their community, helping them to have the confidence, skills and support of their families and friends to reach their potential.

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Network Personnel assists people with a difference to plan their careers, find employment, and provide ongoing in-work support to ensure successful outcomes for their clients. It provides a free supported recruitment service to Employers, which enables businesses to broaden their access to the labour market and thus diversify the workplace.

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Disability Information Advisory Services (DIAS) aim to provide free, accurate, up to date and objective information and advice to disabled people, their families, whanau, aiga, caregivers, providers and the general public.

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