Success Story: Amanda

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Amanda Jane Fuller, also known as AJ, has been with the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) since 2016.

AJ has an intellectual disability and is partially blind and partially deaf.

AJ joined DRC through the Turning Point Service. Community Coordinators assist their service users to achieve measurable goals that range from confidence to leadership skills and ultimately independence. AJ’s personal goal plan included singing lessons, joining the swim gym, and doing voluntary work.

AJ commenced part time voluntary work at the Funky Farm in Mangateretere. While there, she developed her skills in caring and feeding the animals, cleaning the animals and cleaning/ looking after their environment. Other additional skills learned progressed to cashier work, retail sales and customer services.

Through her successful voluntary experience, a potential opportunity to employ AJ became available. Network Personnel Employment Services facilitated financial assistance by means of Mainstream funding from Ministry of Social Development, which allowed the employer to viably employ AJ in paid employment on a part-time basis.

AJ has now been employed for 6 months and enjoys engaging with people and being independent. On her days off, AJ some-times visits DRC to see her friends and the staff members here.

AJ is a great advocate for her employer and she quickly acknowledges Funky Farm as a great place for kids to enjoy themselves. If you want more information on where AJ works, you can visit the Funky Farm’s website of their Facebook page at these links: