Pippa is a very bright, bubbly, 30-year-old who has cerebral palsy (which limits her movement), and intellectual disability and has epilepsy. Pippa attends Scopze twice weekly. The year before she was attending three times a week, but after an illness she finds three days just a little bit too much.

Last year Pippa was still riding her hand powered bike that Sports Hawke’s Bay had given her on a long term loan, but her lack of stamina means she can only manage this on rare occasions, which is such a shame as she had done so well with it. She also no longer attends the literacy program, not the gym program as she has completed what she wanted out of these, but she has started attending Tai Chi and continues with Sit n Be Fit.

Pippa has also been part of the Discover Hawkes Bay project. This was going and looking at different activities and places in Hawkes Bay, gathering information on the activity or area and then writing about it. Her idea is to have a journal that she is able to show any visitors from outside of Hawkes Bay what there is to do and where they can go during their stay.

Last year Pippa’s goal was to have a plane ride as she had never been in a plane. This year she was able to do that, with a scenic flight around Hawkes Bay. We have now gone a step further with this. Pippa and our Scopze Supervisor Karen Elliott, flew to Auckland for the day. They spent a couple of hours with Pippa’s brother, looking at Butterfly Creek and having lunch, then flying back to Napier.

She loved every minute of this, especially when the flight crew came to talk to her. Of course now Pippa wants to go on an even bigger plane. We will just have to wait and see.