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Open to Opportunities

At Network Personnel the employment consultants often have great success marketing to locally owned and operated businesses. Frequently we find the owners and managers are embracing of our diverse community and keen to provide opportunities to those with disabilities.

Network Personnel would like to recognise Waipak for their employment of one of our clients Gary Kersten. Waipak are manufacturers of plastic bottles and closures and run an exceptional manufacturing environment.

Gary has left side hemiplegia and has only the use of one arm due to an accident. He has been working for Waipak since October 2014 and loves his job.

Through conversations with Waipak and a tour through their factory we were able to identify jobs that Gary would be able to complete and in the process free up their existing employees for other tasks.
Gary is a great example of the ability to over come major physical barriers and show that where there is a will there is a way and Waipak are also an excellent example of genuine openness to explore opportunities to diversify their workforce.

Check out their website at See their GREAT Ethos on the “How We Work”

Alisa’s story

Alisa has been working with both Network Personnel and Turning Point services and has changed her life around. See her story on this link


Dean is a 16 year old boy who has severe vision impairment. He has a visual status consistent with Cone Rod Dystrophy (central vision loss).
Dean was mainstreamed in Year 12 NCEA Level 2 classes and needed total support across the curriculum. Dean cannot access the whiteboard, see facial expressions, or access written text without Teacher Aide support, enlarged papers and equipment.

Network Personnel worked with Dean to transition him from school into the workforce.

Dean demonstrated a keen interest in automotive repair work and working with sea creatures. Accordingly Network Personnel found him a job trial at Shannon Automotive and work experience at National Aquarium of New Zealand.

Dean attended the job trial and asked lots of intelligent questions as to future life as a mechanic. Dean realised that due to his vision impairment, work would be

hard going with small parts in the automotive trade. Consequently Dean decided that he might look at it in the future.

His work experience at the National Aquarium was an entirely different matter. He took to it “like a fish to water” (Pun intended). Looking smart in his volunteer uniform he went about cleaning the tanks, de-weeding pathways and any/all tasks assigned to him. During the duration of the work experience, Dean was a totally different individual compared to the Dean we knew at school – Bubbly, energetic, totally immersed in his work, and enjoying every moment of it.

Due to his dedicated work ethic during the work experience, Carol Larson, the Education Team Leader at the National Aquarium gave him the fantastic experience of “Swimming with the sharks”. Dean was in his element as he swam underwater alongside the sharks and other sea creatures.

The Manager of the National Aquarium made contact with the Manager of Marineland Marine Mammal Park and Network Personnel arranged for work experience with this employer also.

Network Personnel will work alongside Dean in 2013 to find him paid employment and support him through work visits.

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