Employment Services

Network Personnel is an employment service funded by MSD. Referrals are made to the appropriate Employment Consultant depending on the area where the job seeker lives. An initial meeting will be arranged with the Employment Consultant and the person who requires the service (and if applicable, their support person). If the client meets the criteria, a recommendation to the service will be made by the Consultant for approval.

1. Client Referral

  • Obtain details, including personal, medical and Privacy Agreement signed
  • Does client meet criteria for Employment Services?

2. Career Planning

  • Identify career goals
  • Determine past employment history including volunteer work
  • Identify what types of environments they prefer to work in
  • Develop Career plan & CV

3. Job Search (including work experience if necessary)

  • Work experience
  • Job trials
  • Job self-searching techniques
  • Job interviewing skills tuition

4. Placement

  • Appropriate placement into sustainable work
  • Hours that suit both employer and employee
  • Necessary paperwork completed

5. Support

  • Individualised
  • Regular support for employer and employee
  • Up to 12 months in employment. This may be a longer period of time in special circumstances
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