Our Process

The Turning Point service is funded by MSD for a set number of people. Once this level is reached, there is a waiting list for services. Referrals are made to the Referral Coordinator who will meet with the person who requires the service, and their support person. If Turning Point is the right organisation to best assist, a recommendation is made to the General Manager for approval to access the support of Turning Point.

1. Referral interview with Referral Coordinator

  • Obtain details, including personal, medical, and Privacy Agreement signed
  • How can we help you?

2. Identify needs

  • What are your needs/interests/goals?
  • How can we empower you to be a contributing member to the community?
  • Are we the right agency for you?

3. Develop draft activities

  • How can we assist you to reach your goals?
  • What natural supports do you have?
  • Seek approval or refer to more appropriate organisation

4. Turning Point participation

  • Coordinator assigned
  • Activities are trialed
  • Path plan created
  • 8-week timetable implemented

5. Regular reviews

  • Timetables reviewed 8-weekly
  • Goals measured and reported on
  • 6 monthly path plan meetings with family/whanau/other supports
  • Remain in service or become independent from DRC living life connected