How we can help

DIAS provides information both on Ministry and non-Ministry funded disability support services and how you can find them.

DIAS creates networks, links and working relationships with a number of disability support services and funding agencies.

They are also linked through the Firstport Disability Information website where you can find Information Centres, Equipment Suppliers, Information & Assistance, Support Services, and Resources for Maori, Events & Stories and a DVD Library.

This information may include:

  • How to find support and advocacy groups
  • How to find a Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination (NASC) organisation and other community information
  • Information about what’s available in your community
  • Information relating to a particular disability

A comprehensive contacts booklet collated and published by us for public use is available; this contains over 100 different Support & Advocacy Groups or Individuals and is updated on an annual basis. We also have an up to date Equipment Hire booklet available.