Barry Whelan Scholarship


The scholarship was formed by the Disability Resource Centre (H.B.) Inc in 1995 (and since registered as a Charitable Trust), in memory of Barry Whelan who was one of the founders of the organisation.
The scholarship is to encourage people with disabilities to optimise their potential in the fields of recreation and education.
The maximum amount available for distribution is $10,000 per year.


The scholarship was established in Hastings and those applicants with an association with this city would have preference.
The scholarship is only available for one year and the succesful applicant will be asked to give a report to the Board of Trustees of the Disability Resource Centre, at the completion of that period of time.
The term “disability” in the application form will have the same definiton as the term has in the Disabled Persons Community Welfare Act.


Applicants who detail the following are more likely to receive favourable consideration:-

  • A completed application form; (Available here on 1 June 2021)
  • Specify the sum sought;
  • Provided budgeted details of cost of study;
  • Outline any specific project or activity;
  • A budget for any project proposed.


Applications open 1st July and close 31 July each year.

Application forms for the 2021 Scholarships will be available here on 1 June 2021.

Applications must be submitted on the approved Application form.

All applicants will be informed of the Trustee’s decision.

Applicants are considered by the full Board of the Disability Resource Centre (H.B.) Trust.

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